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Attorneys Against Unsafe Medicines

The Zantac Lawsuit is a legal action for taking financial compensation by the individuals who consumed the heartburn medications. Gradually the dosage and composition affected the organs leading to cancerous cells in the body. The generic version of Zantac is ranitidine has been tested to contain the carcinogenic drug called NDMA. Many types of research have been based on this drug which proves its effect on humans and animals causing cancer. So, the legal case was against the brand to produce such a dangerous drug without any alarm. They did not even create any awareness for their customers to warn them with the proper consumption dosage of this drug. Overdosage of this composition can cause serious side effects and illness risks.

Grounds for Legal Actions

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had announced all the pharmacy companies to withdraw all the compositions of medicines which involve ranitidine. This policy was legally passed on on 1st April 2020. With proper speculation, FDA found out that the component NDMA is found in “unsafe amounts” in ranitidine. From that very day, most of the companies have called off this drug for its extensive effects on living organisms. It is also labeled as an unacceptable drug by many brands. A legal petition has come out against the pharmaceutical companies who are still using NDMA without the permission of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

The Zantac Lawsuit is a mass tort aimed to help victims in the United States who have suffered injuries as a result of taking Zantac. Zantac lawyers assist and guide both the types of patients who claim the case with an over-the-counter prescription as well as generic drug versions. The main focus of our company is to extract compensation for paying the charges of the doctors, hospital bills, and sufferings throughout this process. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who would guide you well to fight for our rightful claims.

Zantac Lawsuits do not fall under the class action legal attorneys. Rather we claim for indication and personal legal claims against the particular drug maker. Most of them join a Zantac multidistrict litigation (MDL). This might bring some changes on their end to settle the case in minority times. There is a shortlist of the types of cancer that if caused by the consumption of this drug can file a suit for financial compensation. To be more accurate with your case, go for hiring a professional advisor for better assistance and consultation of your lawsuit.

The two broad classifications of claims that can sue off the pharmaceutical manufacturer are:

  1. Incorrect design of the drug
  2. The label did not have the warnings and side-effects

These two cases can be filed against all the brands trying to make their medicines in a way that is quite fatal for human consumption. These kinds of false attempts are done by pharmaceutical manufacturers to maximize their profit levels with minimum investment over the drug. This composition causes very immediate relief to all patients which makes this drug finder to them.