The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Worst FoodFood is something that has the ability to bring people together. Nothing makes a family feel closer than a shared dinner each night. However, did you know that some of your favorite foods could be destroying your beautiful smile? Take a look at these 8 teeth damaging foods. Then, talk to your family dentist in Peachtree City about what you can do to ensure your mouth stays healthy and happy. Coffee and tea. While these hot drinks might be considered healthy, once sugar is added, they become a disaster for your teeth. Plus, the caffeine can dry out your mouth. Also, dark drinks such as coffee can cause permanent stains or yellowing to occur on your teeth. If you are an avid coffee drinker, be sure to drink plenty of water. This will keep the color from settling on your teeth and keep your smile bright for years to come.
Anything sticky. Caramels, dried fruit, candy, and syrups are worse than other foods for your teeth. Not only are they usually rich in sugar, but they stick to your teeth and gums. This means that they stay on the surface of your teeth longer, causing more damage. Try to avoid anything that is particularly sticky. If you do eat some, be sure to brush, floss, and rinse your mouth adequately afterwards.
Starchy foods. Potatoes, chips, bread, and other starchy foods might be satisfying, but they are horrible for your teeth. They tend to get stuck in the crevices of the teeth. This can cause decay to form if not cared for adequately. Crackers also fall into this category. Like many of the other foods on this list, they should be eaten in moderation. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing will help to prevent any issues from occurring.
Soda. These sugary drinks are some of the worst things for your teeth. Because carbonated beverages are full of acid, they can attack the enamel on your teeth. Plus, they contain a high level of sugar. This can be difficult to remove, especially because most people don’t think to brush their teeth directly after drinking a soda.
Alcohol. Beer, vodka, and other alcoholic beverages can cause your saliva flow to to slow down. Without enough saliva, the chance of tooth decay increases. Plus, the heavy use of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer in the mouth.
Pickled foods. Any type of food that is preserved through vinegar or pickling can cause issues for your teeth. Vinegar is full of acid which can wear away the enamel and surface of your teeth. While you might be craving pickles, do your teeth a favor and limit your consumption.
Ice. While it might seem like ice is a great idea, especially on a hot day, it can damage your teeth. Chewing on hard things, like ice, can cause tiny cracks to appear on the surface of your teeth. Over time, this can weaken them and cause serious issues.

By watching the things you put in your mouth, you are ensuring the health of your teeth. Limit the amount of sugary and acidic foods you eat.

Have the Benefits of Kids Dentist in Hialeigh

DentistThis will not be wrong to say that dental problem has turned into a widespread one particular, from which are afflicted by many people nowadays. No matter precisely how the problem is, you’ll want to contact reliable dental treatment to obtain complete options. Unhygienic of one’s dental may become the reason melanoma as well as numerous belly problems. For this reason, taking the suitable treatment within the perfect time is significant to avoid distributing the illness. As well, using the improvement connected with technologies, just about any sorts of dentistry problems can be handled in the prompt manner.

When it comes to little ones, they will fear so much obtaining handled concerning their particular the teeth. At the moment, quite a few hospitals are offered to present a person complete in addition to Hialeigh Kids Dentist care, in respect the illness in addition to issue. For anyone who is locating issue to realize in the proper company, you may check out your sort through the internet exploring. Where you may go to learn about the actual cures, it is benefits, price tag as well as a side-effect. Additionally, right here is just about the leading dentistry hospitals providing little ones dental office within Feature in conjunction with Cosmetic, Top in addition to Bridge, Endodontics, Examination, By mouth Medical procedures, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Removable Prosthodontics, Regenerative and others. Should you expertise dentistry issue, and then immediately contact dental surgeons, they are going to be cautious all kinds of your dental needs by means of serving the top support.

All these companies are offered at the perfect price tag. They’ve any workforce connected with Kids Dentist In Hialeigh, cosmetic surgeons in addition to researchers exactly who strive to provide all kinds of your dental needs at the perfect time in addition to price tag. You can be furnished with home bleaching, office bleaching, porcelain inlay, main canal, RCT solutions, dental hygiene directions and others. This Pembroke Pines Invisalign uses the top as well as the many accurate types of treatment. Discomfort looses it is this means any time one particular appointments that dentistry clinic. You’ll receive at a minimal toothache in order to major removal connected with the teeth. There’re committed to proclaiming to offer you the perfect rates, excellent support in addition to Pembroke Pines Invisalign. Their own whole companies are usually good to maintain your the teeth sturdy, sparkly in addition to issue free of charge. Therefore, which have been a person anticipating? Many people realize the actual matter in addition to worth connected; consequently they will usually strive to boost the teeth’s health of their people. Our clinic utilizes computer sophisticated dental tools so as to supply simple in addition to superior result in a quick price tag. Hialeigh Kids Dentist makes an attempt to find a happy and healthy life of patients without dental pain in addition to issue.

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Dental Implants Langhorne PA for Your Missing Tooth

Dental ImplantOne can see that due to a lot of improvement in the dentistry, newer techniques of dental treatments are coming in front. In order to be more specific, it is essential to mention here that according to most of the dental surgeons and Periodontist, Bucks County PA has to offer you the latest and highly advanced types of dental procedures that have recently gained an enormous popularity are Dental Implants Langhorne PA treatment, cosmetic dentistry, sedative dentistry, laser and emergency dentistry. Among all these dental care treatment, dental implant treatment has gained mammoth popularity.

There are numerous individuals who have broken or missing tooth. This particularly is the reason that they are not only losing their reasons to smile, but are also suffering from numerous oral issues can also affect your overall oral health. If you are suffering from any such oral care issues, due to missing tooth, then all you need to do is avail treatment from Dental Implants Langhorne PA specialists. There are few reputed and reliable Dental Implants Doylestown PA specialists, who are known for offering such restorative dental procedures.

If you are looking for renowned and exceptionally experienced Dental Implants Doylestown PA specialists, then it is crucial for you to know that all you need to do is, just invest your time in carrying out online research to find them. Due to the technological advancements, there are numerous Dental Implants Doylestown PA specialists available online on the internet.

The team of skilled and highly efficient dentists, who have marked their striking presence online at, are known for offering you expert Dental Implants Yardley PA treatments and can thereby gift you a lovely smile. In addition to this, you also need to know that Dr. Sam Khoury – the practicing Periodontal Surgeon and his team of skilled and highly efficient dentists here, have enough experience for carrying out such advanced techniques, which can keep your smile, sparkling, healthy and at its best, that too at highly affordable rates.

Apart from this, it s also worthy to mention here that the team of dental care specialists here are also known for offering you the wide spectrum of oral care treatments, which includes, full mouth dental implants, bleeding gums treatments, gum surgery, receding gums surgery, implant dentures, etc. combined with cutting edge technology for safe and minimally invasive dental care, etc. By availing the oral care treatments from these specialists, patients can rest assured about achieving the beautiful and long lasting outcomes quickly and at affordable rates as well.

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Dental Fluorosis: It’s Prevention and Cure

Dental Fluorosis is also called as mottling of tooth enamel. This is a condition which generally happens at a stage when the tooth starts to develop and is seen among the younger generations. The primary cause of this condition is over exposure to fluoride. In case you happen to see tiny spots or streaks on the enamel of your teeth you need not fear as this is considered as the mildest form of the condition. However you need to worry and seek dentist appointment if you notice tooth discoloration and brown marks on your teeth.

Details about the causes of Fluorosis

To understand why fluorosis occurs we need to know that our tooth is made out of hydroxyapatite and carbonated hydroxyapatite. When the usage of fluoride increases the composition of Fluor apatite also increases which leads to the marks and spots on teeth.

Risks involved in Dental Fluorosis

The most important concern of patients suffering from Dental Fluorosis is the cosmetic changes that happen in their teeth. The change is more evident and in fact very prevalent in kids from the age of 20-30 months. Kids of the age between 1-4 years are more prone and susceptible to this condition. The best way to avoid this disease is by controlling the usage of fluoride based toothpaste at a very young age. Why parents should be controlling it is because the intensity of fluorosis depends upon amount of fluoride. The other factors which matters are age of your child, how responsive your kids’ teeth are towards fluoride attack, his/her nutrition and bone growth.

The ideal range or the level of the intake of fluoride is 0.05 to 0.07 mg however I understand that it is difficult and next to impossible to calculate this range. This is when you need to consult your dentist. He /she will tell you the optimum sources from where you can get the optimum fluoride intake. There have been many researches carried out which says that the following four elements are major contributors of Fluorosis:

Fluoridated drinking water
Fluoride supplements
Topical fluoride (especially fluoride toothpastes)
Formula prescribed for children.

It is a well known fact that fluoride is extremely important for our teeth as it gives strength to our teeth and enamel. Fluoride is also considered important in prevention of dental caries and other dental problems. However excessive use of any such material is not advised at all. It’s been said that our water must also contain fluoride but at places such rural areas where drinking water exceeds the normal fluoride content the condition Fluorosis is more prevalent. Furthermore kids who do not take adequate amount of calcium are also prone to it.

The Intake Level of Fluoride:

Age Group Reference Adequate Intake Tolerable Upper

Weight Kg (LB) (Mg/day) Intake (Mg/day)

(Infants: 0–6 months) 7 (16) 0.01 0.7

Infants: 7–12 months 9 (20) 0.5 0.9

Children: 1–3 years 13(29) 0.7 1.3

Children: 4–8 years 22(48) 1 2.2

Children: 9–13 years 40(88) 2 10

Boys: 14–18 years 64-122 3 10

Girls: 14–18 years 57(125) 3 10

Male: 19 years and over 76(166) 4 10

Female: 19 years and over 61(133) 3 10

The treatment of Dental Fluorosis is accomplished by cosmetic dentistry. The success rate of treatment entirely depends on the level of damage. The most commonly used treatments are Tooth Bleaching, micro abrasion and porcelain veneers.

Lastly I would like to say that it is up to your dentist to determine what the optimum intake of fluoride is for your child.

All about dental implants

The anatomy:

Crown: This is the part that shows above the gum.
Abutment: This is the connector between the implant and the crown. It screws inside the implant post and holds the prosthesis or crown in place.
Implant: This is a titanium post that is placed into the jaw. It simulates a natural tooth root, so it also helps prevent bone restoration.

The uses:

Single-tooth replacement- An implant can replace a single tooth and help keep the jaw healthy by continuous stimulation similar to that of a natural tooth root.

Implant-supported bridge- To replace multiple teeth in a standard bridge, the supporting teeth is reduced to hold the bridge. Implants can provide more strength without harming the healthy teeth.

Full-arch replacement- In some cases, an entire arch of teeth may need to be replaced. Many people choose dentures as a more affordable choice, but they can become loose and wear down the remaining jaw bone.

Who need them?

Average number of remaining teeth in adults age 35-49 is 25.0 teeth.
Average number of remaining teeth in adults age 50-64 is 22.3 teeth.
Average number of remaining teeth in adults age 65 and older is 18.9 teeth.

Note- 178 million people in US are missing at least one tooth, according to the American college of Prosthodontics.

Treatment timeline: The timeline for getting dental implants varies from patient to patient. It depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done and the condition of bone into which the implant will be placed. Implant treatment can take from as few as two appointments up to 12-18 months for extensive treatment.

Initial consultation- During this stage, the patient meets with the dentist to create a personalized treatment plan. The dentist will gather information by taking CT scans and/or digital x-rays.

Pre-surgery phase- At this point, the doctor will check the patient’s medical history to make sure they are fit to go through the surgery if a large bone graft is necessary, it may be done before the implants surgery. Also, temporary replacement teeth are made during this time.

Surgery/Implant placement- The dentist or oral surgeon will place the implants into the jaw. Temporary crowns for single-tooth replacement implants are also placed during the procedure; for more extensive implants, temporary dentures can be placed and must be worn until the implants heal.

Post-operative visits- After the surgery, the restorative dentist will follow up with the patient to remove sutures (typically two weeks after the surgery) and to check the health of the implants (typically two months after surgery).

Restorative phase- Once the implants have healed, they are uncovered so the restorative dentists can impression for the final crowns or denture. The final teeth are delivered and cemented 4-8 weeks after i9mplants have healed.

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