Getting Medical Treatment for a Poison Oak Rash at an Urgent Care Clinic

It’s pretty quiet at the Kihei urgent care facility this Sunday morning, although patients do keep coming in every 15 minutes or so. The staff members make sure nobody has to wait very long, and patients are able to be on their way relatively quickly. The woman and her friend who was nice enough to come with her are glad about this. The woman got into some poison oak without realizing what it was when she was weeding her garden.

A Mysterious Rash

At first she thought the bumps were insect bites, but the bumps turned into an itchy, uncomfortable rash that kept spreading. Her boyfriend took a look at her arms and announced his diagnosis, which turned out to be correct when they went to the garden to see the plants she had pulled out. A call to urgent care resulted in a recommendation to come in as soon as possible.

Healthcare Practitioners at Urgent Care

At a typical urgent care facility such as Minit Medical, the patient will meet with a physician, a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. All are qualified to diagnose and treat the sorts of conditions that are usually seen at this kind of clinic. The female patient with poison oak is called in to the exam room several minutes after filling in a medical history form.

Conditions Treated at the Clinic

Her friend spends the next 20 minutes in the waiting room surreptitiously glancing at other patients who are filling out forms or looking at their phones. None of them look particularly ill or injured, so she wonders what each person’s condition is. It could be strep throat, an ear infection or a pulled leg muscle. She realizes the female friend she came with doesn’t look sick either, with her arms and legs covered by clothing and the rash not visible to anyone.

The patient with poison oak returns to the waiting room with a prescription for a corticosteroid called prednisone, a standard treatment for this type of allergic reaction. It reduces swelling and calms the immune system. The healthcare practitioner she met with advised taking a specific antihistamine over-the-counter product too, as that would help the body tame its response to the allergen.