At-home Vs At-the-dentist Dental Bleaching Popularity

At-home vs at-the-dentist dental bleaching comparison is improper, because products available at each place are different in concentration, efficacy and results. The main reason why At-Home Teeth bleaching has gained popularity over In-Office Bleaching is the convenience with which the similar products are available, on the counter assuring efficacy and safety of these products.

Although the teeth bleaching is a procedure pertaining exclusively to dental practice, in matters of efficacy and safety, some manufacturers have introduced low concentration products in kit forms to claim the efficacy and safety thus keeping themselves away from FDA regulations.

With economical products available on the counter, many people prefer these products instead of paying higher price to the dentist for getting teeth bleached in-office.

Features of At-Home & In-office Bleaching:

Efficacy of Bleaching Ingredients:

At-home products are having low strength of bleaching ingredient, which is 10 % carbamide peroxide in potency which is equal to 3% hydrogen or 22% carbamide peroxide equal to about 6 % hydrogen peroxide. As compared to Dental in-office whitening products, which are having potency of 15 % to 43 % of hydrogen peroxide?

Protection available In- Office Procedure:

In-office procedure of the dentist consists of either application of gel on the gums or using a rubber shield, which slides over teeth conveniently prior to treatment initiation. This ensures total safety of gums and in mouth tissues. In contrast at-home preparations are not having this extra safety feature.

Custom Built Mouth Trays:

The Dentist provides custom built mouth trays. Which are made after doing proper measurements getting individual teeth impression ensuring its fitting securely and no loose end? It is most desirable for total contact of teeth with the bleaching gel application on tray and teeth. This also reduces the gel touching the gum tissue.

In contrast over-the-counter preparations are having mouth tray, it is of standard size not taking into account individual variations causing avoidable difficulty. Wrong fitting tray is a source of irritating gums and risk of gel action on soft tissues. Dentist in-office treatment ensures bleaching agent acting directly on teeth and has prolonged whitening effect.

Fast Bleaching Action:

Dental in-office procedure is very systematic ensuring quick and most satisfactory results. In comparison at-home bleaching under supervision of dentist or over-the-counter preparations is applied daily for 1 2 hours duration and the treatment lasts over 4 weeks.

Benefits of Supervised Versus Unsupervised Procedure:

In-office procedure:

The dentist carries out complete examination including medical history of a person, which is basic information for diagnosis of cause and deciding treatment of teeth discoloration. Because of his training and experience in the field, he stands responsibility of the treatment safety and efficacy aspects.

Unsupervised procedure lacks the above benefits and there is no one to share the responsibility and risk.

Cost of Over-the-Counter Bleaching Preparations:
They are apparently economical, if the results are satisfactory without any complication of side effects. The cost is within the range of $20 to $150. It has bearing on to ones place of living in comparison to Dentist Supervised at-home bleaching service costing around $150 to $300 per lower or upper teeth to be bleached, entire teeth bleaching may cost $600.