Duramax Truck Services by DMaxStore

DMaxStore is a Duramax product specialist that also offers a number of services for truck owners. Mechanics have extensive GM training and relevant certifications to ensure excellent workmanship. If you need any work done on your truck, then do not hesitate to call. We offer repairs, installations, upgrades and maintenance.


Take your Duramax truck over to the shop and we will take a look at it for free. We can conduct basic diagnostics to figure out what may be causing the issues. This will enable us to formulate a suitable plan of action that you may consider. This will include the estimates on parts and labor. We can help you acquire all of the parts that are required to fix the problem. You can then decide whether you would like to do the repairs yourself or let us do the hard part. We are equipped to handle the engine, the fuel system, the cylinder heads, the electrical system, the suspension, the cooling, and more.

Installs and Upgrades

If you would like to have an aftermarket product installed, then allow us to do it for you to ensure a good fit and compatibility. Duramax diesel powered trucks are widely popular and a lot of parts are available both from the original manufacturers and third party sources. These can boost the performance of the vehicle in different ways. DMaxStore can custom build a motor, install twin turbos, and upgrade to FI live tuning. 


Take your truck to the shop for standard maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The process is quick thanks to the constant availability of all the necessary parts and fluids. With our help, you will always be in full compliance with your warranty. Schedule an appoint today and we will find a convenient slot for you and your vehicle.