Car Accidents Can Really Do a Number on Your Back

I’m a good driver. Unfortunately I had to locate a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ after someone who wasn’t a good driver hit me on my morning commute. I was sitting at a light when he rear ended me. Unfortunately I had removed my seat belt in order to pick up the mug of coffee I dropped on the floor. The impact threw me into the steering wheel which set off the air bag. I had a lot of cuts and bruises from that device, but what happened is that the air bag wrenched me back into the seat and twisted my back. I couldn’t move a muscle as the rescue workers carried me out of the car and into the ambulance.

The hospital did what they could, but my back pain persisted. It actually got worse over time to the point where I finally decided to contact a chiropractor and see what they could do for me. It was that or spend the rest of my life lying in bed with a laptop. When I arrived at the office, I had to wait before going in (excruciating). The chiropractor examined me and confirmed that my back did in fact receive a terrible impact. He had a few ideas that he thought would help and I was all ready to give it a try. It was either that or look into back surgery and I was willing to try anything to avoid that nightmare.

It took about four visits and various techniques to improve my situation. I’m not fully pain free even now, but I would say it is about ninety percent better than it was. I can walk, work, and even exercise with minimal effort. I have to say I would definitely return should any other back problems arise. Visiting the chiropractor should be standard for anyone with back pain. Avoid surgery at all costs!