My Mom Wants to Walk Normal Again

My mom was having a hard time getting around. When she would stand, it would often take her at least a minute to be able to bear the weight on her legs before she could start walking. She saw a vascular surgeon, who did perform surgery, but it did not really help her any. She was still having a hard time walking, and the doctor suggested that she see either a Sacramento chiropractor or podiatrist to see if they would be able to help her. He said there was simply nothing left for him to do.

We were disillusioned that she had went through a surgery that did not help, but we decided to go ahead and take his suggestion. Since the problem was mostly her legs, we decided that a chiropractor would be the next choice for treatment. We thought that the chiropractor would just look at her medical records from the vascular surgeon, but she wanted to start from scratch since the surgery was not successful. That meant running all new tests, because she wanted to see exactly what she was dealing with. It was on the X-rays that she took that she was able to start her diagnosis.

She showed the X-rays to us both, and then she pointed out the number of subluxations that were on my mom’s spine. Her chiropractor told her that she could help her but that it would require commitment from her. My mom wanted to be able to use her legs like normal again, so it was not a hard request to agree to. My mom went there three times a week for several months, and she went through different therapies along with the adjustments to her spine. She is walking so much better now, and she is even talking about going hiking this next summer if she keeps progressing how she is!