I Am Going to the Police Academy

I have finished with school, after taking a two year course in law enforcement at the community college that seemed best. I had already been in the Army for a couple of years, and I have been working to get ready for this ever since I got out of the service. Now I am supposed to buy my own gear. I have a semiautomatic pistol, although it is problematic since I picked it up in Iraq and I guess it is illegal. I have a Blazeray tactical flashlight, but it is not all that expensive and I sort of think that at some point I would need to get something that is better. They may be used as a weapon obviously and you are going to want to make certain that when you hit someone with your light, that it still continues to function as a light. That is going to be real important if you are out there with the bad guys.

Of course I am not really sure that I like every little thing about the way that the police behave these days. I saw a documentary where they sent a tactical team into this guy’s house and arrested him after they found a few grams of pot in the bottom of a backpack. They broke the windows on his parent’s house and then they took some money he had for his business mowing yards. That just seems really dumb to me. I have spent enough time dressed up like a soldier and I think that some of these guys in the SWAT team really have fantasies of violence that make them dangerous. It just seems like they use that sort of force in situations where it simply is not appropriate. You do not need to militarize everything you do.