What Causes a Tooth to Need a Root Canal?

Although dental visits are one of the most feared chores that we have to do at regular intervals, oral health remains to be one of the most vital parts of our hygiene as it is capable of affecting our whole health.

One of the toughest and most painful dental procedures which require expertise to be conducted in a successful manner and for long lasting effect is root canal.

What is root canal treatment? Teeth consist of a natural canal which usually remains filled with soft pulp tissues and various nerve endings. These natural tissue and nerve ending filled natural cavities are called root canals. At times these pulp tissues decay and needs removal to avoid further infection from spreading elsewhere. This removal process is known as root canal treatment which usually creates a void in the natural cavity that is filled in with a primer.

What causes the damage? There are various reasons which may cause severe damages to the pulp tissues. Situations like trauma to the facial region, bacterial accumulation near the root which causes deep tooth decaying or multiple procedures done on the same tooth due to some urgent dental issues. These situations call for the root canal treatment which helps in saving the patient from tooth loss or further damage to the affected teeth or tooth.

What happens? The root canal treatment is usually done in multiple sitting. First an x ray of the teeth which requires the root canal treatment is taken to check out the formation of the tooth as well as to make sure that the infection has not spread to the neighboring teeth or the surrounding bones. The patient is then anesthetized to prevent them from feeling the pain of the process and relax them. A rubber gum is positioned around the teeth under root canal treatment to prevent saliva from interfering with the treatment procedure. A hole is drilled into the tooth through which the damaged pulp is accessed and removed. At regular intervals the debris are suctioned out in order to completely clean out the decaying tissues. The empty canal cavity is then filled with a temporary filling which is kept for a few days till the region heals up. Then the temporary filling is removed and substituted with a more permanent filling which usually lasts for around 20 to 25 years.

Why is root canal treatment needed? The root canal treatment is required to save the tooth from complete decay at many times. The infection that occurs in the root canal area leads to the formation of the puss which causes the tenderness of the tooth. This may lead to severe damage of the tooth or even loss of tooth or the affecting of the surrounding teeth.

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