The Benefits of a Pediatric Dental Office

Pediatric dental offices offer patients treatment and care that is specifically designed for children. Everything from the way the office is decorated to the way doctors and staff interact with patients is meant to help make young patients feel more comfortable and at ease. A pediatric dental office offers the same procedures as a general dental office; the benefit in choosing a pediatric dental office to care for a child’s teeth is that every procedure and every piece of equipment is made specifically to be used on a child. Regardless of the work a child needs done, it is always comforting to a parent to know that everything being done is geared toward their child. When searching for an office specializing in dentistry for kids in Lone Tree, CO, it is important to find one that will cater to the needs of children and offer treatments that are specifically designed for their small mouths.
Early Tooth Care

It is important for parents to start teaching their children good oral health at a very young age. The earlier a routine of brushing and flossing is set, the more likely the child will have good oral hygiene throughout their lives. Taking preventative actions to avoid dental issues makes a huge difference. Visiting the dentist can be scary for some kids—there are instruments that shoot air and water in their mouths, and tooth polishers that make loud noises and tickle. When children are taught from a young age to brush their teeth, they are less likely to end up with cavities. There are even finger toothbrushes available for parents of infants to use to clean off a baby’s gums and teeth.
Visiting the Dentist

A standard visit to the dentist, like a visit to the doctor, consists of a checkup. A checkup includes x-rays, a cleaning, and an examination from the dentist. These checkups should be completed every 6 months for optimal oral hygiene. Seeing the dentist frequently allows any potential cavities or issues to be caught early. If caught early enough, some issues can even be reversed with regular tooth brushing and flossing.

There are several precautionary treatments that can be performed on a child’s teeth to help prevent dental issues like cavities from forming. These treatments include application of fluoride and sealants. Pediatric dentists can also fit and install a space maintainer to help a child that has the potential for spacing issues in their mouth. A pediatric dentist and his assistants can advise kids on the proper way to floss their teeth, and even assess their teeth to gauge their risk for cavities.

Another preventative measure a pediatric dentist can help with is measuring, molding, and making mouth guards for kids. Mouth guards are often necessary, and definitely recommended, when a child is participating in a sport that has any kind of physical contact. Night guards are another form of mouth protection that can stop kids from causing damage to their teeth when they are prone to grinding them in their sleep.

When problems are detected in a child’s mouth, a pediatric dentist can help make any repairs, including filling a cavity, putting on a crown, or even helping analyze the diet of a child to determine if that might be the cause of chronic dental problems. Pediatric dentists also often perform extractions on teeth, whether for reasons of damage or just removing the loose tooth of a hesitant child.