Beneficial Tips for Denture Care

Proper denture care is extremely important for the overall oral health of a person. So let’s take a look at certain tips and techniques necessary for proper denture care in Edmonton or anywhere else in the world.

Handle Your Dentures with Care
In order to avoid any damage to your dentures, stand over a sink which is full of water or place a folded towel underneath so that your dentures remain undamaged in case you drop them accidentally.

Rinse and Brush Your Dentures Regularly Without Using Toothpaste
Toothpastes are abrasive and they usually create minute scratches which provide room for plaque development. Hence, dentures should be brushed daily, but without the use of toothpaste. Brushing stops the development of permanent stains on your dentures. It’s recommended to use a soft bristled brush which is specifically designed for denture cleaning. The use of a hard-bristled toothbrush can wear down or damage your dentures. Brush your denture gently without damaging the bend attachments and rinse your denture after every meal intake regularly.

Clean Your Denture with a Denture Cleaner
The denturists within Edmonton can prescribe specific denture cleaners for proper cleaning of your dentures. Generally, mild dishwashing liquid or hand soap can be used for denture cleaning as well. But toothpaste and other household cleaners are abrasive in nature; hence, they must never be used for cleaning the dentures. Also, bleach should never be used for denture cleaning as it whitens the pink area of the dentures.

Nowadays, ultrasonic cleaners are also available for denture cleaning. These are bathtub-like devices which contain a cleaning agent. The dentures are immersed in the tub and a wave motion is created by sound waves which dislodges and removes the undesirable deposits on your dentures. However, daily brushing of dentures is still required with the use of ultrasonic cleaners.

Always use the denture products with the acceptance seal of the American Dental Association (ADA) or consult a certified denturist within Edmonton for proper guidance regarding denture care in Edmonton.

Protect Your Dentures while you’re not wearing them
It’s important to keep your dentures moist while you’re not wearing them so that they don’t lose their shape or dry out. When placed outside the mouth, dentures must be placed in water or in a denture soaking solution. However, if your denture contains metal attachments, they could possibly tarnish in a soaking solution. Hence, consult your denturist within Edmonton to recommend the most appropriate caring method for your denture. Also, never place your dentures in hot water because hot water can make your dentures warp.

Rinse Your Dentures before Putting Them in the Mouth
Always rinse your dentures thoroughly before putting them in your mouth because the cleaning solutions for dentures usually contain harmful chemicals which can cause serious health issues like pain in the mouth, nausea, vomiting or even burns when swallowed.

Consult Your Denturist When There’s a Loose Fit
Always visit your denturist promptly when your dentures become loose. Such dentures can cause mouth infections, sores and irritation. Your denturist will ensure a proper fit to avoid any discomfort or slippage.

Hence, proper denture care is a must for everyone, and those living in Edmonton should always consult a registered denturist within Edmonton in order to ensure their overall oral health.